Thursday, March 29, 2018

Looking Sharp

Putting my logo in the task bar window icon (??? product) is a productive task that was avoided for far too long.  While it may seem insignificant to add a logo to a few projects, cascading changes can be an issue as older code can start to show how out-of-date it is.  I have numerous applications in various states of completion, and it always seems less/more once you get started.  Adding one image to a folder and a few lines to display that image should not be a big deal.  I have to determine how every application is interacting with non-code files and try to minimize any refactoring issues that I might be noticing for some projects I haven't worked with in a while.  If I play my cards right, I can accomplish my task and get enough refactoring done to not have to worry that some areas of my code are less organized than others.  Task completion and rewarding completion with updates, posts, tests, and who knows what other fun stuff is the main focus.  The new logo looks VERY SHARP along side other more notable products that we all recognize (firefox, eclipse, winamp).

Monday, February 26, 2018

Success! (more)

Hot on the success of more portable code; I decided to start listing out larger portions of work that can be modified for regular reuse.  My initial thoughts are, I will start to be able to guide my efforts towards internal systems/frameworks that may or may not be adopted in an external way.  Although there are varying approaches towards this and varying degrees of success, Platform as a Service(PaaS) being one of the more successful models, I feel that volume is my personal key to financial success in this area.  In terms of company success, I would like a best practices list that is always at the top of everyone's priorities.  Doing the small things like remembering to put timers in all of your games to keep things exciting.  Even more simply put, have guidelines for performance measurements built into methods.  Changing/Reusing fonts to be consistent on similar product GUIs, packaging, or marketing campaigns.  Making sure that you logos appear in predictable locations to keep your brand image familiar.  These are the kind of things that get accomplished when you take a little bit of time to record something that you're genuinely excited about.  I'd like to keep this in the back of my mind to see what I can come up with moving forward.  I don't have any intentional plans to create something, but I didn't before either.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Excited about SaaS

My new high score area is going to be featured in every game that I plan to release.  If I do not find a use for this package, I will include it anyway.  Elegant is not the word for what has been created, as elegance will not finish a game loop and provide fully-working demos to show in pitches, hand out at a convention, or played simply as a "fun" way to brainstorm new ideas.  This may be overstating the excitement about having a sense of completion.  There is a to-do list for every project that is a part of the company, along with prioritized action items and recommended courses of action.  Since completing this simple feature, I have been able to port it to three other projects giving them a new sense of liveliness and quite a bit of energy added to my development efforts.  I have a much better idea as to what works and what does not in the realm of re-usable code.  A high score screen needs very little information to work properly.  This isn't something that would "sell" as its own product, but its use within the company is a good sign.  I see a bright future for my development efforts.  Branding, development templates, and customer recognition are all fun side-effects.

Sunday, December 17, 2017


After a much-needed vacation, I have returned to be responsibilities feeling refreshed, renewed, and most-importantly, creative.  Determined!  Work is once again being accomplished at a pace that is tollorable.  I think the most important part of a vacation is your ability to see where you were before you left.  What did your work previously look like?  I often notice patterns exhibited in my behavior that may or may not be easy to correct.  Although it's not the end of the world, or even something worth mentioning in a legally-advisible sense, vacations tend to be good for the body and the mind.  We have to be able to respect this part of human nature where we need to recover and heal in some sense from all the work that we've been putting into our careers and lives in general.  This is what people people like to think of as, "just plain good".  Vacations are just plain good.  I'm glad to be back and work and I'm glad to see what path I choose to take in life next.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Update: Roadmap

Today was time to update my roadmap.  This is something that I would like to do on an anual basis, although I haven't quite figured out the specifics yet.  I currently have just one roadmap that I add/edit.  I could make a new one every year and edit as needed, or due to lack of changes try to add/change something significant once a year.  This year I decided to change the audience perspective a little bit.  I wanted my potential customers to see not just what kind of products we have, but what kind of technologites we are working with.  This is a significant deviateion from the previous path.  People often relate better to what they can see and identify with.  When you're reading a description of a product, or even going over a summary of the features, you have a certain image of what to expect in your mind.  When you're actually using that product your view might change due to the motion of the processes at work.  When customers see more of what is happening as opposed to just some fun features, they might be more inclined to identify with the company.  The new goal of making significant anual changes to the product roadmap is going to be a big win for the company and the general motivations surrounding the products.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Financial Prep

In preparation for my possible entry into the world of purchasing online advertising space, I have created a costs document for my business.  This document is going to serve as an outline as my spendable capital grows for how I will be organizing my resources and allocating my funds.  The document is divided into revenue and assets to help keep my sources organized and easier to think about.  The document is meant to cover all of the products that are currently supported without worrying about their particular advertising strategies.  This allows me to have a company asset/expense report and individual marketing plans for each product as they often require that level of detail.  Without having a large amount of resources the focus is to have one document to manage this area, as we want to stay organized and be prepared.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Code Base

After doing a lot of thinking, I realized that having a code base is something I will be able to use to my advantage.  I decided that it might be a good idea to have software packages that include several of my smaller projects.  This is interesting as a long as you don't overlap products or create repetition.  All of the code that I am working with I have created myself and can be modified as such.  The smaller projects that I have (especially games) turn into very handy foundations that can be re-purposed as technology and the market changes.  This means that I can get away with releasing the same project different versions, takes on workflow(gameplay) focus, or interesting variations that change the overall tone of the release.  This is a very handy technique for evolving over time and/or maintaining visibility within the market.  Obviously minor changes will be added to options menus, views, or difficulty settings.  Plotting a trajectory is a work-in-progress, but needs to be mentioned and considered for motivational purposes.