Monday, July 22, 2013


So, I added my GitHub account to this blog.  It should be on the right in the about me section.  I didn't spend any time working on it yet, so it's just some text instead of a clickabe link.  That's fine though, at the moment my GitHub is just a few coding assignments that I've gotten from jobs I've been applying to. 

The most recent company that I applied to(well, actually they contacted me and asked me to apply) asked me if I had any products posted yet.  I really don't like that.  I mean sure, it's a bit rude for me to go around asking established places to fund my business, but I've been upfront about it. Other than actually referring to myself as a "contractor" or temporary help, there's not much more that you can do other than to state you have projects you are working on, will keep working on, and plan to create income from someday. 

I think that my GitHub is going to be similar to my employment process.  The actual topics chosen for the work are exactly what one would want.  I mean, if a beginner can't figure out how to solve the problem at all, that is going to speak volumes.  But more important than judging beginners,  I think that fairly well-known, foundation type problems will give more experienced developers a chance to open up a discussion about style.  Yeah, I solved the problem you asked for, but I took a lot of shortcuts because I don't really care.  Actually, you might not like the way that my need for excessive labeling fits in with your current employees.  Maybe, these points will give us something we can actually talk about in a follow-up interview.

Yeah, I could just start giving my code away for free.  I'm sure that's how some people are going to run a business.  Although, I know many of them are going to call themselves "hobbyists".  The first company that I worked for had some of the most strict intellectual copyright rules in the world, but they allowed any and all open source development.  So, even if that were the case, I would definitely be competing with people that do not need the money.  Even if they aren't called hobbyists, there are going to be a lot of people in that space that aren't even trying to run a legitimate business.

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