Friday, July 19, 2013


I am a computer science major.  I first learned HTML in middle school and hardware freshman year of high school.  I learned Java and everything else in college.  About two years ago I decided to start my own software company.  Since then, I have been developing apps that fall under three general categories.  1. Science applications 2. Security/Enterprise applications 3. Social applications.  Each one of these categories has many different products.

1. Science applications - This category started with my senior project in college and has entries in significant directions in the field.  Products include genetic research and artificial intelligence research (and no, game ai and other forms of automation are not included in this discussion, although I also do that).  This area is going to be the most difficult for me to pursue since there are very limited customers in the field, practical applications are very expensive (labs, custom hardware, data, etc) and marketability is extremely hard to prove.

2. Security applications - This category was initially a bit of a joke, although it has become more of a center to my overall company strategy.  The idea is basically to help companies protect data through a variety of different means.  This can mean anything from actually physically guarding data with an application to simply making better products that companies will be able to trust more than their previous applications.  There are also some products that don't exactly fall under the "security" label, but under the "enterprise" label.  That simply means that the product I am making is not going to be just for one person to use, but an entire company.  The idea that products in this category aren't made for people is what this is about.

3. Social applications - This category is for applications that will be used by anyone.  The products may or may not cost money.  Ads will probably support most of the products in this category, where both other categories will require payment.  Products in this category could cost money, but at the moment that seems like it would hinder the ability to spread and gain popularity.  Social applications also includes games that are both multiplayer and single player vs. computer ai.

At the moment this is the state of my company.  The specifics are probably going to change over time, some of the security apps might become social apps, some of the social apps might become security apps, and I've even thought about a gaming category, although that seems a bit too ambitious for me.  I am not even close to the mainstream "gaming" genre, so most of what I have falls under the social aspect of the internet.  I think that as an up and coming company, it is most important to understand where I am currently standing and what that means to me going forward.  If I can barely do write a simple 2D animation engine, I don't want to think about writing a 3d engine.  The same applies to all of my other applications.  I am just starting my company and there are those out there that have been in this industry for years longer than me.

I hope that you enjoy my blog.  Look for future company updates(assuming I remember) that will re-evaluate what direction my company is going.

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