Sunday, July 21, 2013

JUnits and Linux

So, still the weekend.  Today is avoidance day.  My next task needs to be writing JUnits, but I do not want to do that.  Writing JUnits a while after a project has been coded really helps one to learn why people use phrases like "test driven development".  Yeah, I have to go back into the code and remember exactly what does what, where everything goes, etc.  Relearning my own work isn't the easiest task to start.  But the real problem is that I can't stop thinking, would I have done this differently if I had approached it from the beginning with the mentality that tests were going to be important?  I could reorganize my code, restructure a few things, but I probably won't.  I like the way the code functions and I've already done several rounds of refactoring.  But tests are going to be more important that I had thought.

In addition to avoiding JUnits, I'm also avoiding Linux.  I know that most developers prefer to code in Linux for whatever reasons they have, but I have decided that I'm making the switch to create a separation of my company and everything else that I do.  So what, why don't I just do it?  I think it's similar to the todo lists I mentioned in yesterday's post.  I'm actually not far enough along yet to justify having a space dedicated to just being a company.  I don't have any customers.  I don't have any marketing or advertising outlets.  I don't even have any decent office supplies.  So why am I in such a hurry to make this particular change?  Yeah, it's going to be helpful to learn the operating system.  But I guess I can't convince myself that having this separation is actually going to be helpful.  I think I'll need to re-evaluate this decision after I have my first customer.

By the way, I'm not sure if anyone's noticed, but I'm also avoiding using a spell-checker.

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