Tuesday, July 30, 2013

log files

Today I finally decided to venture into the world of log files.  I know, I know, it's not a very exciting portion of any program, but I'm sure as most coders have noticed at some point in their career, most to all programs have some form of logging.  This logging can be anything from simple system messages to complex server logs.  So whether you're keeping track of sent emails or logging errors with the system, logs are more common than one would think.

Yeah, not the best intro in the world.  I guess that sums up how I used to feel about log files.  But I actually reached a point in my coding where I decided that creating log files was actually necessary.  I feel that I am going to be more productive now that I have a system to log output.  It wasn't a quick process either.  I spent a long time just going through console output.  Now I have a system where my standard messages are logged to a file and my most current debug session is being sent to the console. 

The log file has both a short term and a long term solution.  I can keep track of what's happening over time with extended usage and more quickly look at specific areas that I'm trying to work with.  When writing this I still feel that I'm not actually conveying the importance that I've just created.  The ability to quickly change the debug output of large portions of code will allow me to switch between simple method debugging and complex process debugging.  Without doing this, I would have been getting in my own way.

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