Sunday, July 28, 2013

updating and complaining

So, the code update project is turning out to be a lot more work than expected.  Yeah, I had a lot of code in place that needs major changes to keep up with my current standards.  What I didn't remember is that the project itself is fairly complex and needs to be updated when the code is changed.  This means I'm going in there and changing small parts of a dozen or more files for one set of changes.  It's not really as bad as it sounds, but at the moment I'm a bit discouraged that I still have a lot more major changes to make. 

The worst part about doing this is that I am making no new progress.  Everything will function exactly as before, and what's even worse is that I'm not even upgrading my skill set.  My motivation for this particular project is simply the fact that I will know I've coded everything I possibly can to the highest possible quality that I know how.  Sure, this might not be a realistic goal, but hopefully it is.  I know that this is better than just abandoning my older code.  I can already tell that the longer I let it just sit there, the harder mentally it's going to be to bring everything up to the current standards.

There's gonna be a bright side to this as well.  I'll know how capable I am going to be when it comes to maintaining all of the projects I've been working on.  Most people that just write code don't really think about this.  I didn't even really get it when co-workers would tell me about the difficulties of supporting past projects they've worked on.  But the mental effort that goes into switching between things that have not been worked on for any amount of time is much larger than expected.  I think that the hardest part is learning something that you already have mastered.  It's not going to help my technical abilities in any way, but it is required if I want to keep all of the projects that I have created.  I made them and own them and need to be capable of working with them if that is what is needed.  For example, the updates I have made most recently are for a project that I will combine with the previous project.  If the projects have noticeable differences in quality, that's just not going to be professional, among more obvious problems.

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