Saturday, July 27, 2013

updating old code

Today I am updating old code.  I've noticed that the more I code, the more I'm learning how little I know.  Yeah, that's blatantly cliche, but I'm talking about things that aren't really part of my useful scope of knowledge.  Well, not at the previous point in my career.  At some point in my life I probably would have learned these things in a more traditional way, but now I'm learning them out of necessity.  I can't have users creating usernames that accidentally crash the network.  I would like breaking my product to at least seem difficult for troublemakers, nevermind for creative people that simply typed the wrong thing into an input box. 

Really, the updates aren't even all that important.  I could have simply banned certain input.  But I think my users will appreciate having more creative options.  I know most people won't ever notice something like that, but as a new company I have to take my advantages where I can find them.  So I attract a few tech-savvy people that will notice this change.  They might mention my app to a few of their tech-savvy friends.  Now I have a few more customers than I did previously.  Yeah, that's might not even make me a lot of money, but with zero current customers, who am I to judge?

Looking at the optimistic side of this approach, the more I code, the more I'm going to learn these little things that I'll be able to implement to attract a few niche users at a time.  That's still a few more than I had before.  Not caring about these niche users is a problem I'd like to have.  But until then, I'll keep improving my quality in any way that I can.

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