Monday, July 29, 2013


Today I realized my mistake.  I should have just posted less yesterday.  I'm working on the exact same stuff, but now I have less to talk about.  So, when you think about it, what good did I really do by posting a bunch of stuff yesterday when I could have just copy pasted today?  Oh sure, there was still actual work done today.  Yeah, I know I could just talk about that things I'm actually doing.  Whatever.

I think today I need to talk about visibility.  This is just going to be for my own sake, because I need to think about visibility more.  Other than this blog, I currently have zero visibility.  Oh sure, I've briefly mentioned to friends and family that I write code, but that's not exactly being visible.  My problem is that being visible asks a lot of questions.  I like to solve problems.  I don't like worry about things like, how difficult is it going to be for me to compete in the marketplace.  If people hear my idea, are they going to be able to copy it?  If I go to the doctor, will they tell me that I'm actually sick?  These aren't questions that I like to ask.

Yeah, I think that I got a bit ahead of myself when I spoke to an investor.  One investor has been spoken to and I have not heard back from him.  He seemed to like my idea, then he didn't.  That's not exactly getting my ideas out there in any way.  So many questions though.  I don't have patents on my ideas, so if someone wants to/can copy me, I couldn't legally stop them.  I guess that kinda assumes that people would want to copy me though.  I wonder if that's a mistake.  I already have some vague technical notes, but those barely explain things to an expert in the field.  I haven't even tried to imagine what other people would think.  I know when I spoke to that one investor he vaguely heard what my idea was, but I did feel a bit under-prepared.  I need to go to the investor store and take some statistics.  "Investor guy, would you rather I publish, or keep researching?"

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