Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Big board day today!  I guess that's what I'm going to be calling it.  Going over the big board makes me feel good about myself.  It's like, "wow, look at all this stuff.  I've been accomplishing things."  It's one thing to have a list of ideas or products, or outlines like that.  But big board lets you know exactly how far you've gone.  And the more you accomplish, the more stuff there is that gets added to the list.  So, even when I haven't been doing that much for a while, it's not like I can ever go backwards here.  It's just more stuff that gets added to the board.

A few notes so far.  I noticed that I haven't been keeping up with my documentation at all.  Lately I haven't even been trying to keep up with documentation.  I really just don't like that part, but it's required.  People just don't want to work with undocumented code.  Even if I have the whole thing memorized, it just looks lazy that way.  I think that sometimes I just get too excited about things and if I slow down a bit I'll be able to make sure that I properly maintain all the parts instead of just the few parts that I enjoy doing.

I guess this also means that now that I'm running out of obvious ideas and features to work on, I'm struggling a bit more with getting things done.  I'm not actually struggling, that's a bit of a harsh word to use, but I don't look foward to going to work everyday like I do when I'm working on a feature that I find fascinating.  Yet I know that this part of the job is what's going to make me really proud of what I've accomplished.  This is the part where I can look back on my work and say, "I like what I've been doing here."

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