Friday, August 16, 2013


Today was an important day in the history of my company.  I decided to create a business documents folder in the internal documents section.  This meant that I put all the other documents in the engineering folder, which makes sense because only the engineers will read or care about what those documents have to say.  The business folder now has my corporate profile (it's a brief company history and description of my departments, which is roughly similar to a blog post I have) and my newly added careers list.

The careers list was huge for my company.  Now I can actually start to see how things could start to develop into something that actually resembles a company.  The idea was to not offer people tasks or jobs, but to try to generate enough content so that a sensible person could actually feel good about staying with my company for a long time.  This means that they have a steady source of income, enough work so that they won't ever feel nervous about not having anything to do, and the possibility to advance their life as the company succeeds.

This is a very important part of my growth as a company.  I know that I am capable of thinking of ideas and creating those ideas, but becoming successful is a lot more than having skill in a certain area.  A full company contains a lot of areas that most people might not even think of when simply practicing their skills.  I see it as a huge advantage to be able to see the direction my company could go in, in the near future as I am working on my product line.

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