Friday, August 23, 2013

ignoring ideas

So, today I'm going along, doing my thing.  Whatever, no big deal.  And I notice another one of those ideas that I should probably think about.  And I get to thinking, if these are really good ideas, shouldn't I write them down?  I guess having a blog post about not writing them down is something.  But so far I've had several ideas that I just kinda think about while I'm coding and I know I'm not going to implement either of them.  I might eventually.  I haven't actually considered either enough to even decide if they are actually good ideas or not, so that's part of why I'm not implementing them.

I think that when you start to make too many changes at once, it's important to stay as focused as possible.  Even if all of the ideas that I thought of are good ones, it's going to be a mess to try and code them all at the same time.  I would have several different projects in several different states of completion.  Chances are I would start to get tired before I was done and just start doing a lazy job.  Well done projects are typically within your skill level without having to reach too far above your head.

Yet I know that my ideas are at least worth considering because I keep thinking about them.  I know that I don't want to just forget them.  I guess the real problem is that they are now actually considered temptation.  They are tempting me away from doing a consistent job by seeming like an improvement.  If my ideas are actually good ideas like I think, I will still have them when I am ready and capable of implementing them properly.


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