Sunday, August 4, 2013

org day

Now is the time for the most dreaded part of my work.  Trying to think of new ideas while organizing my current ideas.  What do I write about?  Today I thought about a bunch of stuff that I didn't like?  Then I considered the projects I already have, but couldn't decide on any new features.  Quiet the exciting day, and right as I was starting to really get things going with my blog.  Well, I'm just gonna prepare myself and say that I'm blogging too much.  Blog posts have too much content and are posted too often.

So anyway, after deciding that I didn't like any of my attempted ideas, I went back to shuffling papers around.  Digital papers of course.  Need to write some new internal procedures (since I still find this part more difficult than it should be).  Then I'll need to follow those internal procedures.  I figure if I just do this often enough, I'll have my company organized quite quickly.  The way I see it, I'm technically creating internal procedures if I can think them up.  Then afterwards, I'm just executing the tasks I've already decided on.  What could go wrong?

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