Thursday, August 15, 2013

packaging thoughts

Random future thoughts for today:  how would packaging products affect my ability to market them?  So, sometimes I think this isn't that important of a question, but the more I think about it, the more I can tell it needs to be answered.  If for no other reason, because I will need to plan launches and presentations around what people are actually going to see.  When a customer sees my product, this is exactly what they are going to see.  I need to know what that is I guess for my own motivational purposes.  I could just code things at random, but I like to imagine that I'm working towards a larger picture.  That all of the pieces are going to fit together and fit together well.

The positive side is that people are going to get more out of a packaged bundle.  So, you buy an app in the store and get some sort of main purpose and some extra side features.  That's about what most people expect.  I buy a calendar app and it's going to have something that tells you what day it is, with some side features.  If your side features aren't that exciting, people might not use your app for very long.  If your side features don't even sound interesting, people might not bother to ever get your app.  So right away the advantage is going to be more potential customers and customers that use the product for a longer period of time.

The negative side is that I want the actual company itself to be as large as possible.  A company that offers 100 products might seem more credible than a company that offers 5.  Sure, 5 really good products can beat 100 cheap ones, but I'm going to be working with the same products regardless of how many of them there are.  I think that having a more credible company will be more likely to get people to consider repeat visits.  This means that I could be boosting the sales of other portions of my company by keeping products seperate.  I could always bundle products and sell them separately, but if people find out, I don't want to sound cheap.  More on this later when I'm closer to a decision.

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