Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Progress is slow at best.  Many things are being accomplished, but this much work was not expected.  Blog posts may suffer, but the blog is not what is important.  This?  This is simply an extra to heighten my visibility.  The heart of my company is the code.  Respect for the code is earned with my ability to maintain it.  With my ability to actually keep what I claim to have.  I can not simply go rushing into my code base and start making changes all willy nilly and not expect consequences.  There will be consequences.

No, there won't.  Because I will finish this round of changes.  Sure, it's tedious.  More tedious than I ever could have imagined. But I can't just stop now.  I don't even have a backup.  I can't go back.  Alright, disregard that moment of panic.  I have backups and I'm sure they're just fine.  Pretty much where I left off.  Manual backups tend to be fairly accurate.  Things are going well though.  I have accomplished things.  The code is still functional.  I can't actually show any visible progress, but I know it's there.

I could just stop now.  Call that good enough.  I've made a few changes, I pretty much remember what I was doing.  I'll probably have the motivation to continue at another time.  Of course that's what the unsuccessful company would say.  That's not me.  Respectability is within my sight.  Well, maybe not that, but at least consistency.  That should at least be a minimum.  Does your code reach your own coding standards?  Most of it.  Pretty much.  I just have to keep going because I know I can get there.

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