Tuesday, August 6, 2013

todo lists

Creating todo lists was the objective for today.  Usually this is a fairly simple task because I'll make notes while I'm working of what I'd like to accomplish and what I need to remember that I might have skipped over or where I've taken some sort of short-cut.  But, I was a bit lazy with my planning lately and had to just create new todo lists and remember where I was, what I wanted to work on next, and what might be interesting to have in the future.

This is my least favorite part of organizing my stuff.  I've already thought of all these things while I was coding and now I have to put seemingly useless information down in text.  I know I'll be able to remember where to go when I start coding again.  But this is just complaining.  I know that the whole point of todo lists is to have first a list of projects, then each item in the list has an amount of tasks that can be accomplished.  When I reach a point where I just can't bring myself to do anymore code, the idea is that this is the place that I'll turn.

In addition to my neat available task system, I also have a big board where all the projects are divided into areas of overall completion (I think this is an internal document though).  The best part about this system is that I add incentive to completing tasks.  I complete some smaller objective and I get to fill in the big board that the project is that much closer to completion (as coding projects go).  When I start feeling discouraged, the big board is where to go to feel good about my company's overall success.

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