Monday, October 28, 2013

Useful GUI

My next project is going to be to make a useful GUI.  I think this actually sounds absurd to type, but that's what I need to do.  I can't say for certain if this is going to be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, but it's something that needs to be done.  I can just tell with these sort of things.  I've already started finding places where having a GUI would make my thought process more streamlined and reduce the amount of work to organize my infrastructure.  That should be way more than enough reason to justify creating a useful GUI.  This would now give me two official useful projects, although the GUI could eventually become a product, but I can't think of it like that since there isn't really a market.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tech Conference Part 2

After going through about a dozen or so presentations, I realized that I was definitely not going to get the full conference experience by simply downloading all their slideshows (since the documents were basically also slideshows).  So, before I can make any proper evaluations about conferences in relation to my business goals, I may need to attend the live event.  Although, it wasn't a total loss since I do have information about all the presented topics.  This is not detailed information, but I'm a smart enough person to connect a few dots and figure a few things out for myself.  I'm pretty sure that if I were to attend this conference live, I would want to have these materials anyway.  I can see how with not too much effort, I could have some helpful reference material for myself.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Tech Confrence

Maybe it's just me, but I think that technical conferences are a required part of running a technology business.  I recently missed the major annual event that the field itself puts on, but luckily I was able to browse through the materials that they made available online.  It's going to be an enormous task to go through all of the relevant stuff that was posted, and this could take me at least a few days.  So far all I've been able to do was go through all the topics and download all of the available documents and slideshows.  I think that since this is the first major conference that I've been aware of since starting a business, I have to at least go through all of the material that relates to my products in any way and decide how everything that was said is going to affect my business.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Useful Coding

I spent a little bit of time doing something that I'm going to refer to as useful coding.  This is actually a bit of a change of pace for me since everything that I do is usually either called a project, product, demo, or research piece of some sort.  Useful coding is not ever going to make me money or shown off in any way.  Also, I feel like in order to just code for that sake of coding, you can't really struggle at all with any of the parts.  Useful coding needs to be very easy to do.  I kind of like the idea of useful coding.  It makes my life easier without any of the visibility overhead.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Fun With Cleaning

I am going over some of my older projects to try and find ways that I could clean things up, make small improvements, or do that sort of thing.  I am taking notes as to where exactly I am in these projects.  I didn't actually go through everything that I've done, but some of the ones that I thought would not only be interesting to have notes on, but are a little more difficult to just start making changes.  So far, I'm a little worried about having too much information, which is very difficult for large projects.  I also hope that I'll be able to keep my notes up to date.  I do feel more informed about what I have and where I am though, so overall it was productive.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Staying Motivated

As part of my sad attempt to stay motivated, I have begun working with one of my older projects in the security/enterprise applications arena.  I haven't gotten a lot done other than reading through some of what is already there.  I had actually forgotten that I wrote a whole flippable GUI panel that I had never tested or implemented.  The code was there but all commented out.  I uncommented the code and removed all the errors that I found (since I think it was commented while I wrote it).  Now I have a nice starting place for doing some work at some point.  I'll need to make all the GUI elements look presentable, make sure all the functionality works, and possibly build from there.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Enormous Success

I'd just like to take a bit of time to brag about the enormous success of my spam/newsletter subscription success.  Not only do I stay well informed about the technologies that I choose, not only do I get to keep track of what I've read and haven't read with the standard email read message system, but I also get to have my own custom guide to the industry that I am going to be a part of.  This means that when the industry wants to tell me things, I am there to learn.  And so far, I have gotten some very informative lessons.  Obviously I've not reading every single article, but I think that it makes a difference to hear how the leaders of what I want to do handle themselves in not really similar situations, but situations I could imagine myself in years from now.  I think that if the leaders of my chosen industry have something to say, and I can spare the time to listen, then that's a good situation.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

GUI Shuffling

Today was just more shuffling around of layouts.  I don't like anything about layout design, images, what my GUI looks like, or that sort of stuff.  I like solving problems and making things work.  But, this is technically a problem so I'm trying to fix it.  Obviously with avoiding working on layouts that's going to make me not very good at them.  And this isn't just things like skimming over the little details.  This is everything.  I can see how the more I work on them, the more I start to develop trends.  Things will be certain sizes, different functionality will be handled a certain way, and there's usually a sort of maximum amount of effort or detail that I will put into a GUI.  So, the more I work to expand my trends, the better my products are going to look.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Manager

Manager needs to be a position listed on my careers guide.  That's going to be my position mostly, at least for a while.  But I need to keep the idea out there, even if it's just a reminder to myself.  I have to make sure that I maintain my todo lists on a regular basis.  I need to consistently have a series of tasks, outlines of how I plan to accomplish those tasks, and progress as to what I've been accomplishing.  I've been doing this, but I find that the work that actually needs to be done usually isn't listed in my task list.  This is something I have to practice.  I imagine that as I get better at this task, I'm going to start being more accurate.  With enough practice, the task system will make my work easier and more organized.

Friday, October 4, 2013

News Lapse

I'm not sure if it's worth mentioning that I'm trying to stay caught up with the news, but I'm going to mention it anyway.  For a while, for the first time in my career actually, I avoided the news for a bit.  I was so focused on new product development, organizing my ideas and tasks, that I just didn't feel like staying current with technology trends.  The longer I avoided reading the news, the stranger it seemed to start again.  But now I'm back and if feels good to be a part of current technology.  I'll try to make sure I don't worry about it too much, but I like know about current events.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Aimless Wandering

After a bit of a distraction, well not really a distraction, more like actual work time, I have gotten back to my aimless wandering though experimental projects using newly learned technology.  My most recent focus is randomly reading through tech manuals that I have just lying around for no good reason.  At times you tend to overlook these things because there's a lot of material in them that you already kind of know.  But right now I'm really avoiding doing my main development work, so this is still productive.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Finer Details

I've been working on adding smaller features to my existing products.  I think that in terms of new product development, I've been going a bit too fast lately.  I need to take some time to just think about what I have and the ways that I can make something that is going to be more customer friendly.  I want to not only make products that I would enjoy, but people that aren't me might also enjoy.  At the moment I really haven't put a lot of effort into presentation, so there's a lot of work to be done.  I'm still working on the most basic features.