Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New Directions (Maybe)

Brainstorming day today was fairly successful.  I don't have any solid ideas yet, but I know the next step for expanding my technology portfolio and technically my family of products.  What I need to do is to start working with things like graphics engines.  I could start making fairly simple games with something that is already there.  This can really apply to a number of things if I'm going to be making demos.  For example, I could write a browser plugin to notify me when I have email.  I think that I would rather work with designing levels for a game though.  It seems like it would be something I would want to do.  I don't know what level of complexity is available for this sort of thing, but I think that the more complex the program the better.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blog Thoughts

I did not accomplish anything today.  I've been going over the merits of whether I should post about not getting anything accomplished or not and I've decided that as long as I'm not being repetitive, it's acceptable.  In reality, today's not anything accomplished included reading some insightful financial articles about technology in the marketplace and how the spread of technology is affecting a lot of people.  I also did some more code browsing, trying to visit as many of my projects as possible.  Then I tried to convince myself that if I could just be motivated a bit more I could start optimizing my workdays and getting more routine tasks completed.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Ordinary Stuff

I've been spending more time than I like, but probably not too much, reading news articles, researching new technologies, and pretty much just sitting around trying to think of new ideas.  I have been going through the code I already have again, without making any changes.  I've been picking out what I feel are the most complex and meaningful files to display in the compiler.  Then I just kinda browse over the details for a while, not really getting too in-depth(since I should already know this).  I'm not writing any code, but the idea is to kind of keep all of my projects as familiar to me as possible.  I think that when I'm doing things like making decisions, coming up with new ideas, looking for things to do, or working on a new project that this will help me in some way.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mental Health Day

Today was a mental health day.  I am a strong supporter of mental health and the ability for all employees (not just me) to take days off every now and then to make sure that they are staying mentally sound.  As part of business you do not want to take more time off than necessary or see employees doing so, but I think that as part of the math and science aspect associated with the field, you have to make sure that you're functioning at a consistent pace.  Sometimes people will work harder than they should to get something accomplished or wrap their minds around a difficult task.  It's a difficult judgement, but healthy people are going to be more productive.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Today I spent a bit of time thinking about employees.  Having people that actually work under me is a lot further away than I like to think.  There are the basic things that I am missing like finished products, customers, job security, stuff like that.  Then there are the even less obvious things that don't have.  This would be things like a formal process for showing people what I have, a solid direction for where I'm going to take my company, and generally a way to talk to people to get them to a point where they would want to help.  This doesn't mean just mean telling people what I'm doing, it's a way to appear friendly when I'm not really in a position to be friendly, at least from a business perspective.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Learning Materials

I was going over some thoughts for new project ideas and thought I might as well do some blogging about some of the learning exercises and materials I've been collecting that I simply haven't bothered to mention.  A while ago I was directed to some sites that host legitimate, high quality reference materials (I kept links to the sources just in case).  So I have a small to medium sized reference library of technical material that I go through from time to time.  In addition to that, I also have some text books from online classes that I took through Microsoft (along with completion certificates).  I think that anything that the large corporations want to give away is worth having, which includes the classes and their corresponding text books (Oracle also has some high quality material, but classes are not free).

Friday, November 1, 2013

Market Trends

I can't tell if I'm spending too much time watching market trends or not enough.  I feel that my current observations have lead me to believe that I have a decent amount of work that may or may not be high quality.  The volume that I have so far seems to be decent.  My place in the market seems shaky at best.  I think this is where I haven't spent enough time watching the market.  If I was doing enough research I would literally know when I belonged and simply fit into my place.  Although this could have the opposite effect where you can't make realistic judgements because you have too much information.  Either way, market trend watching is essential and will even out over time.