Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Staying Current

I'm realizing how important it is to stay current with all of my documentation and paperwork.  When you do a lot of work and don't keep all the proper documentation up-to-date, it can be an overwhelming task to try and sort through all the things that have been going on, remember small parts of large projects, and what was important vs. what was just some random thought or some reach goal.  The better you get with keeping track of all the paperwork, the more you are going to know where you are in all of your projects so you can get actual work accomplished.  At this point it isn't really a choice, I have to update my paperwork to a point where I can efficiently make meaningful changes without feeling like I have to read several novels to insert one line of code.  Making changes while you are thinking about them is not nearly as difficult as making changes to things you haven't been thinking about.

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