Monday, December 2, 2013


Since I've been struggling quite a bit to stay motivated and find things to do, I decided to work on some of the easier tasks that I've been neglecting.  I managed to do some flowcharting and write up some very short technical highlight specs.  I think that the key to a good flowchart is that it should be fairly easy to write.  I know that I could have a flowchart documenting almost every part of code that I write, but that's not really practical in a business environment.  I also don't want to give out more information than my engineers will need to comprehend what they're working on, but just enough so that they will be able to quickly start working on any given project.  I've even found that some projects really shouldn't have flowcharts at all since the code itself should be well written to understand what it is that you're seeing.  This would be for projects with only a few connected parts or not that many features.

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