Thursday, December 5, 2013

Technical Specifications

I think that as a rare follow-up to my last post, I would like to mention some of the key factors for writing a good technical spec document.  Obviously if it's a format document, that's going to be pretty easy, the format and any information explaining what it means.  For other documents that do things like highlight features, I want to keep in mind my intended audience.  I'm either leaving notes for an engineer so that they will know the intended purpose of the project (and possible explain a few not so obvious features), or I'm trying to explain something to the marketing division that might not ever actually see any of the code in the product.  Either way, I'm not trying to go into any sort of depth about the features that I'm talking about.  I want to give someone a very brief overview of what's going on, but not really any of the how-to that would explain some of the more private aspects of a product.

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