Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Misc Research

I'm not sure how well this will actually apply to what I've been doing, but I did some thought research about stores that have nothing to do with my industry.  There were a lot of obvious differences besides the topic of the store.  To start with, most of the products take significantly less time to obtain, whether that's crafting it or buying.  So, here I had to do some vague ratio-based math to estimate things.  I thought that my overall variety was doing fairly well according to my calculations.  Obviously my visibility and location were horrible compared to the places I visited.  I thought though that the biggest difference was the sort of niche items.  These would be things that someone would want to pick up and hold when they first walk in.  These often entertain children while their parents look at other things.  This seems like a direction I should consider.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Marketing Needs

The final part of my marketing documentation mini series is going to finally go all the way into the actual marketing aspect of documentation possibilities.  Now, keep in mind I have only done the functional uses and templates for one product so far, so most of this is about advantages of going in this direction.  When I start to have pamphlets, flyers, and advertisements that tell people exactly what they need, why they need it, and in a fair amount of cases, what it is that I'm trying to accomplish, that's when I'm going to start to turn the corner and be able to be taken seriously.  People want to spend their money on things they need or feel will make their lives better.  Creating something that the average, apathetic consumer wants to view is much different from even writing technical documentation that engineers need to read.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More Doc Needed

After what I feel is the success of my previous post, I think that it's appropriate to elaborate a bit more about the benefits that I could see by creating more documentation around the marketing and useability of my products.  As a fairly general statement I could start with the fact that code by definition can pretty much be moved around, combined, and reshaped within reason.  This general area has not even been noted (although I think I mentioned somewhere that I could do this).  Actual ideas are going to lead to thinks being accomplished.  Even having the idea out there is going to make things like generating interest possible and it will keep the idea fresh in my mind to consider.  Look for more about marketing focused ideas in my next post.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Creative Functionality Expansion

Today I did a bit of documentation that was primarily for marketing purposes.  This is something that I don't really waste my time doing since if you have something like a necklace, you pretty much just need to show a picture of it to sell it.  With some of my stuff having a help section or rules, directions, that sort of thing would be informative.  In this particular case, I actually got to explain a few technical aspects of the product that could actually be completely overlooked without something explaining them.  This not only makes my product more attractive, but it actually makes it more functional.  Overall, I'm pretty proud of the new feature to my product.  I think that functionally, it's something that's going to go a long way and if popular could see some fairly significant new areas that could build up around it.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Need Ideas

I have another new idea based on things that I do with my computer while I'm programming.  Now, I know this is a fairly specific, narrowly focused field since I am the only person that I know that would find this useful.  I think that even if there isn't going to be a large market for my ideas, the technical accomplishments will be worth going after anyway.  I have to assume to some extent that some of the things that I make just won't be popular.  When I'm able to combine useful technical features along with something that may or may not do well, then I can use these skills to improve all of my other products.  Obviously many of these improvements would be implemented anyway when enough  customers can try out my product.  Some of the most obscure features might simply be overlooked by people that don't really consider things like that anyway.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Company Sizing Guide

After going over the company career guide I decided that it would be a good idea to have a companion sizing guide.  I was doing a lot of thinking about how my products relate to my company and how this is going to affect the overall direction of what I do with my life and decided it would be a good idea to put this into some neat formulas.  I think that there's going to be a lot more stuff that I need to do that's very similar to this.  I tend to focus mainly on the technical aspects of my work, but if I'm ever going to have a successful company I have to consider all of the possible aspects of the business.  At some point it might even be possible to have a business need for the technical work that I do.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


While following the theme of not really getting a whole lot done, I did some broader company re-organization work.  Basically, I was starting to accumulate a lot of projects that didn't really fall under my "People" sector or my "Security" sector, so I was generally just adding them to the "Security" sector anyway.  I took all of the out of place projects and started a new sector called "Enterprise".  This term is actually general enough to pretty much work for all of the projects that I've been accumulating.  In one way or another the goal of all the projects is to somehow be sold to a business.  This could protect their interests, it could be a tool for creating products to sell, or it could improve their general corporate experience.  I think that the best part of knowing the general area that products belong to is that when you're thinking of new ideas you can more clearly see what you already have and where might be a good area to focus on.