Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Misc Research

I'm not sure how well this will actually apply to what I've been doing, but I did some thought research about stores that have nothing to do with my industry.  There were a lot of obvious differences besides the topic of the store.  To start with, most of the products take significantly less time to obtain, whether that's crafting it or buying.  So, here I had to do some vague ratio-based math to estimate things.  I thought that my overall variety was doing fairly well according to my calculations.  Obviously my visibility and location were horrible compared to the places I visited.  I thought though that the biggest difference was the sort of niche items.  These would be things that someone would want to pick up and hold when they first walk in.  These often entertain children while their parents look at other things.  This seems like a direction I should consider.

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