Tuesday, January 7, 2014


While following the theme of not really getting a whole lot done, I did some broader company re-organization work.  Basically, I was starting to accumulate a lot of projects that didn't really fall under my "People" sector or my "Security" sector, so I was generally just adding them to the "Security" sector anyway.  I took all of the out of place projects and started a new sector called "Enterprise".  This term is actually general enough to pretty much work for all of the projects that I've been accumulating.  In one way or another the goal of all the projects is to somehow be sold to a business.  This could protect their interests, it could be a tool for creating products to sell, or it could improve their general corporate experience.  I think that the best part of knowing the general area that products belong to is that when you're thinking of new ideas you can more clearly see what you already have and where might be a good area to focus on.

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