Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Main Site Sketches

After some quick consideration about the corporate site, I decided to do a quick follow-up.  Just browsing through my company materials I found a pretty rough sketch of what the main site page could look like and a product list that is broken up into the appropriate sectors that each product will be a part of.  The main corporate page isn't much to look at, a title, logo, then company titles and logos for each of the companies that will represent my product sectors.  The product list I've been maintaining for a while actually gives some pretty interesting insights into how the products could start to come together into their various sectors.  Look for good things from the product list.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Thinking About A Corporate Site

The corporate website is something that is going to need a lot of attention.  After making a fairly brief layout doc (since it's mostly notes without a lot of description) I realized that almost everything that I currently refer to as my company will be part of my corporate site.  I made the important distinction that there will have to be both a publicly visible aspect and a private aspect.  This would mean that there's going to be a site that will just be for customers who want to buy our products and there will be a site for employees that are trying to build and sell the products.  Overall, the site is going to be fairly large in order to cover all of the necessary information.  This is only the minimum amount of information that can be included, since I don't have any design specifics, graphics, layout considerations, or any other technical details.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Things I Need To Do

Spent some time going over my whole company today.  Well, everything except for the actual products since I spend enough time with them.  I managed to make a few improvements to my promotional area, noted a few projects that aren't there yet.  I went over my todo list already and added some rather minor changes.  I think that it was hard to not notice that I have a lot more time and effort invested in actually working on my products and not a whole lot of effort towards trying to get them to be profitable.  I think that as I start to spend more time going over my non-technical documents I'll start to get a feel for where I am, or could be financially.  Obviously I could just sit in a corner and design all the time, but that doesn't mean it will ever be profitable.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I started a new section in the internal documents part of my company.  Right now this is sort of a general purpose area for documentation that I don't want the general public to see but doesn't really fit into the typical engineering requirements.  I added a new section to the area that I'm calling "planning_documentation".  As the name suggests this is just for documents that relate to the general planning of the company.  Since I already have a "business_documents" folder, that sort of implies that it's mostly for engineering planning.  This could be confused with my "todo" list area which is about specific tasks and functionality.  I think that the purpose should be obvious by default, but so far all of the documents are about how to use products, what way engineering could go with them in general, and sort of where the company might go in a general engineering direction.