Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Market Trends

I starting going over market trends as my first entry into my strategy area.  I didn't actually go over any market specifics, like companies that are doing well or products that are popular.  I think that this would be a very helpful companion piece(that I should work on soon), but I made more of a template that would probably not change a whole lot over time.  Eventually all of the products and companies that I would list in a market trends document are going to change.  Instead of going over what is popular or not at the moment, I focused more on what is popular in general.  What types of things get people noticed, what loses people's attention, and from there you can pretty much see how what you are working on is going to fit into the market.  Obviously you would have to use a bit of your own research to bridge the template gap, but that could be a goal of the companion document.

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