Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Stretegy Area

Strategy is my new official subsection of the business_documents area.  Strategy is probably the most obvious omission from a business perspective that I have left out of my company so far.  Obviously in simpler terms you make a product and you sell it.  That's pretty much the only way to make money.  If you're going to take what you do seriously, there might be some risk involved at some point.  A strategy is going to help you stay focused and be prepared for some sort of long term investment in yourself.  It is possible in the technology industry to not have things to do or new ideas to sell.  A lot depends on the product you are making, interest, and your strategy going forward.  So far, I have a list of goals that should help guide the documents for the strategy area.  With any luck, this should help me and customers to feel better about my company.

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