Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Design Hurdles

Thinking too much can be a serious problem when you're involved with design-related pursuits.  You make a design that you like and you can second guess yourself a million times.  In reality, it's part of the design process itself.  What if people won't buy my product?  What if it's too complicated?  What if somebody else has something that's just plain better than mine.  These are questions that need to be asked, but you have to keep making progress.  It's one of those things that can technically help you, but only to a point.  If you have any idea where that point is, or could be, then fortunately for you, you probably won't get there.  A good way to deal with these sort of mental hurdles is to keep telling yourself that you like what you have done.  It's difficult to ever place any sort of finality on a coding project, but you don't want to work harder than is reasonable.  Arbitrary goals and deadlines can be a big help to let you call something completed, even if it isn't perfect yet.

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