Friday, April 11, 2014

Professional Improvements

With the work that I'm getting to do for my new project I have also been fortunate enough to expand my vocabulary a bit.  Surprisingly, you don't really learn too many new areas or features very often.  When you're working, there are usually a fairly regular set of things that you use and major deviations from that are unlikely (mostly because you are more likely to plan projects with the features you are used to).  Just reading through manuals is not as productive as you might think because if it were included there, you would have learned it in the first place.  In addition to all this, I have several projects that I think could benefit from a slight vocab expansion.  And of course, who could forget the most important part of having a new feature set as part of my code base.  Hopefully I'm not making a bit deal over something that isn't much, but I have enjoyed being able to improve myself as a professional.

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