Thursday, June 26, 2014

Too Much News

I had a realization a little while back that I'm still kind of struggling with.  Sometimes it's ok to not read the news.  I'm still not comfortable with it, so I've been coming up with reasons as to why I can justify not reading the news every day (although I still read my subscriptions, that's not good).  I think that the real epiphany that I had is that the news is kinda similar.  I'm not leaving the industry.  I know a lot of things that are happening.  I do not need to know all the things that are happening.  Some stuff isn't even that important.  I know what the industry is generally like.  In some rare instances, I can even stay informed by merely skimming what my favorite news sources have to say.  I'm completely sure about any of this, but I've noticed that there are some benefits.  I have more time to think of new ideas.  More time to take classes and learn new technologies.  And of course, more time to market my work.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Clear Message

I have officially discovered the next needed avenue for my business to take, which happens to be actual sales of my product.  This means that I need to go out and find businesses that would be potential customers and sell them my product.  This sounds both at the same time fairly obvious and out of the ordinary.  Businesses today seem to consist of marketing campaigns that are so far removed from reality that they can be just a logo and name.  Unfortunately, things like take a lot of money and some sort of established presence.  I know that I have not only a product, but a series of products that people might not just want to buy, but to be a part of the development and marketing cycle.  The problem is that they do not yet know this.  It is my responsibility to inform them that they want to be a part of what I am doing through personal involvement and a clear, informative message.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Useful Things

Sometimes you use technology all the time without even realizing why.  I find it surprising sometimes when I find uses for things that I might not have exactly thought about, but wouldn't have done if they weren't there.  I think this happens a lot with the speed that things advance at.  This is sort of what I'm hoping will be one of my business strategies to work around.  Letting my ideas find their place in the world.  Obviously this isn't my only business strategy since I feel like I have a lot of fresh ideas and ways of doing things.  Yet, as you watch other, more successful companies release new products at a much quicker rate than a small company ever could, you can't help but getting a bit nervous about where you fit in.  And sure, just because you make something doesn't mean people will want it, but it's nice to have hope that you can try to find usefulness.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Required Progress

The marketing and management area of my company is a real job that needs to be done.  I have to say this because I'm an engineer and I've spent most to all of my time so far thinking of and creating products that my company could sell without actually selling any of them.  Sure, this could be considered part of my business strategy, or what I like to do.  The reality is that I have about one business document for each full product that I create.  This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but logically this just doesn't work.  So my new task for myself is to create a more real, specific set of tasks that can and will be accomplished.  This doesn't mean that I'm going to actually accomplish them, but I have to start moving my company forward.  I am not going to ever make any progress if I don't even try.  These are facts.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Confidence is the word of the day today.  I almost feel like this should be part of my business plan, but it is in no way effective at actually running a business.  I can't really expect to have to train employees from the very beginning.  Confidence to be proud of what you are doing.  To have faith in yourself and what you see as the right way to do things.  This does not mean being inflexible, this does not mean doing things that people don't like or want.  But it is going to be difficult to start anything.  To stay where you are.  That's why you can't change your way of doing things because you get nervous or you get some fancy idea.  Things may actually not work out sometimes, but if you position yourself properly, confidently, that shouldn't be devastating.  That way, when or if things do work out, you will be ready as well, having worked hard to get there.