Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Confidence is the word of the day today.  I almost feel like this should be part of my business plan, but it is in no way effective at actually running a business.  I can't really expect to have to train employees from the very beginning.  Confidence to be proud of what you are doing.  To have faith in yourself and what you see as the right way to do things.  This does not mean being inflexible, this does not mean doing things that people don't like or want.  But it is going to be difficult to start anything.  To stay where you are.  That's why you can't change your way of doing things because you get nervous or you get some fancy idea.  Things may actually not work out sometimes, but if you position yourself properly, confidently, that shouldn't be devastating.  That way, when or if things do work out, you will be ready as well, having worked hard to get there.

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