Thursday, June 26, 2014

Too Much News

I had a realization a little while back that I'm still kind of struggling with.  Sometimes it's ok to not read the news.  I'm still not comfortable with it, so I've been coming up with reasons as to why I can justify not reading the news every day (although I still read my subscriptions, that's not good).  I think that the real epiphany that I had is that the news is kinda similar.  I'm not leaving the industry.  I know a lot of things that are happening.  I do not need to know all the things that are happening.  Some stuff isn't even that important.  I know what the industry is generally like.  In some rare instances, I can even stay informed by merely skimming what my favorite news sources have to say.  I'm completely sure about any of this, but I've noticed that there are some benefits.  I have more time to think of new ideas.  More time to take classes and learn new technologies.  And of course, more time to market my work.

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