Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Useful Things

Sometimes you use technology all the time without even realizing why.  I find it surprising sometimes when I find uses for things that I might not have exactly thought about, but wouldn't have done if they weren't there.  I think this happens a lot with the speed that things advance at.  This is sort of what I'm hoping will be one of my business strategies to work around.  Letting my ideas find their place in the world.  Obviously this isn't my only business strategy since I feel like I have a lot of fresh ideas and ways of doing things.  Yet, as you watch other, more successful companies release new products at a much quicker rate than a small company ever could, you can't help but getting a bit nervous about where you fit in.  And sure, just because you make something doesn't mean people will want it, but it's nice to have hope that you can try to find usefulness.