Monday, July 21, 2014

Time Waster

I found a new time waster today.  Scripting levels for games.  Yeah, obviously this is a fairly serious and important part of game development because that's how levels generally work.  But, once you get a few levels down and pretty much know where to go with things, you don't really need to think about having a full single player experience until your close to launch.  That's pretty much when I start thinking about other things and unfortunately, forget that I only have a fairly short single player game.  It was a pretty interesting discovery to remember that I could spend a little bit of time randomly scripting levels that I may or may not want to use in the final version of the product.  This is something that I can pretty much keep going back to since I don't have to use any of the levels that I think of and I already know how to make them.  All that I really have to do is think of a few new parts for what I've already created.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Staying Grounded

Sometimes when you're doing things that interest you it's very important to keep yourself grounded.  This means that when you find something new and exciting, you can't just start assuming that it's even useable.  I look at it this way, when I'm trying out something new, or unfamiliar in any way, I have to have an urgent business need for it.  Anything other than that is what I have to consider a fun hobby or an extremely risky investment.  This way, whenever you're working in a new area, you can keep in mind exactly what you want it for.  Assuming that you've labeled your business need correctly, this should be narrow enough to focus your attention to how you're going to benefit from what it is that you are doing.  As a sort of lucky side effect of this, you'll also have an extremely grounded view of whether you're going in the right direction or not and how likely it is that things are actually going to work out.  Without this, there's a pretty good chance you just might start to drift into an unnecessary journey through technical documents and lectures.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Business Need

I've determined a business need for learning new technology.  To be fair, it's not totally new technology, but I've needed for a long time to sit and and make sure that I'm doing things the right way.  At least the way that people who are successful do things.  It's one of those things where I can do all the basics and if I really tried hard enough, I could put something out there that works.  But this is sort of the point.  I don't want something that simply works, I want something that is going to seem both familiar and friendly to anyone that happens to stumble onto my site, or sites.  The working idea is that I'm going to create a sort of sales placeholder where I can advertise a product and try to generate interest.  When I decide to officially release something, it would also be where people can actually buy or gain access to my product.  Of course, if things go well, I will also be able to leverage my skills in who knows what other ways.