Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Business Need

I've determined a business need for learning new technology.  To be fair, it's not totally new technology, but I've needed for a long time to sit and and make sure that I'm doing things the right way.  At least the way that people who are successful do things.  It's one of those things where I can do all the basics and if I really tried hard enough, I could put something out there that works.  But this is sort of the point.  I don't want something that simply works, I want something that is going to seem both familiar and friendly to anyone that happens to stumble onto my site, or sites.  The working idea is that I'm going to create a sort of sales placeholder where I can advertise a product and try to generate interest.  When I decide to officially release something, it would also be where people can actually buy or gain access to my product.  Of course, if things go well, I will also be able to leverage my skills in who knows what other ways.

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