Monday, July 21, 2014

Time Waster

I found a new time waster today.  Scripting levels for games.  Yeah, obviously this is a fairly serious and important part of game development because that's how levels generally work.  But, once you get a few levels down and pretty much know where to go with things, you don't really need to think about having a full single player experience until your close to launch.  That's pretty much when I start thinking about other things and unfortunately, forget that I only have a fairly short single player game.  It was a pretty interesting discovery to remember that I could spend a little bit of time randomly scripting levels that I may or may not want to use in the final version of the product.  This is something that I can pretty much keep going back to since I don't have to use any of the levels that I think of and I already know how to make them.  All that I really have to do is think of a few new parts for what I've already created.

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