Friday, August 1, 2014

Site Redesign

The redesign of the corporate website was a huge success.  Previously I had been using an image that I created just as sort of a visual device for seeing what my company could look like.  It actually still works pretty well as a menu page for the different areas of the company, it has a interesting presentation.  The new layout has a much more traditional feel, which I think people are going to respond to.  I think that I'll let the more progressive aspects at least start closer to the products themselves.  In addition to that, I think that the new layout will be a very interesting platform for a few technologies that I'd like to have available.  I have a few other ideas that could theoretically implement these things, but this is going to require the least amount of thought and new work.  I already have everything that I need and it will just be a matter of putting it together.  From there I can start to expand.

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