Wednesday, December 3, 2014

First Steps: Building a Portal

The corporate site has officially been started.  I decided to go with a peer recommendation for the compiler.  This was a pretty tense decision for a while until I changed my mind at the last minute based on what someone said.  I am surprisingly happy with my decision.  The interface is easy to read and I like how it works so far.  After getting past this hurdle, I've gotten some things done that I think will be good for my overall motivation.  What I have so far is pretty much placeholders and some tech demos.  Since this is just the first actual day of development, I think that's ok.  I can see a lot of things in the future that I'm not going to enjoy doing, but will definitely benefit me and my company in the long run.  I want this site to go well because if it's done right, it could be not only something that most of the general public sees when evaluating my work, but also what my employees will become familiar with.  There could be a lot at stake here, so I hope that things will continue to go well.

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