Saturday, January 31, 2015

Expanding Company Doc

I have decided that not only do I not have enough documentation for my company, but I am not even entirely sure how to properly document what it is that I have.  I first started thinking about this when I was creating my strategy materials.  I left out the strategy specifics that would require me to do research and to go into actual parts of my products.  This reminded me that I have generally avoided talking about product specifics anywhere in my company.  This started when I was designing promotional HTML pages and couldn't quite decide how much information would be necessary to explain what was happening.  Now that I am going back and putting my products into writing, I can see a lot of places where the details can either be confusing, hard to explain, or assumed to be obvious where they might not be.  I can already tell that I might not even be using enough detail now to get all of my points across, so I might have to go through this process again in the future.  Hopefully, if I can get some feedback at some point I will know whether that is necessary or not.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Being Profitable

I need to keep my business profitable.  If I'm going to take what I'm doing seriously in any way, there has to be a possibility that my business can actually be my career.  This means that I'm going to make enough money to support myself for a long time.  Selling a product to only three different people probably isn't going to work out well in the long run.  This can mean a lot of different things and is probably one of the more important topics that I'm going to have to face, my ability to keep coming up with ideas and to maintain the ideas that I currently have.  This is where I go out and find people that have never heard of me before.  Where I get people that already like what I do to return to consider other products.  To keep using the product that they do like.  I have ideas for improvements, new technologies, and possible promotions I can do.  I want to be around for a long time.  This means that there's a system that allows me to keep doing what I do and people keep liking what I do.