Thursday, May 28, 2015

Patience and Collateral Progress

I don't need to make a note of this, I probably shouldn't make a note of this, but yet I think that I have to make a note of this.  A long time ago I came up with an idea for a tech demo that I could eventually use to attract attention and possibly generate some advertising revenue.  I drew a few designs, wrote down some notes, and then put the idea into all of my planning documents and todo lists as something that was theoretical and probably not going to happen.  Since I started work on a project that I deemed as much more important and therefore beneficial to my company overall, the actual strain of doing this project became much less.  Instead of making more tech demos for technologies that I might not find important, I was making something more useful that I was already using.  It felt pretty good to be able to change the status of this project from theoretical to actually happening.  This makes my company appear more credible, and I think that I like the whole system of just writing down ideas that I like better as well.

Monday, May 11, 2015


Just as an amusing side-note, I'd like to mention how much of a difference it makes to have a small code base when working on a new project.  I know that since I don't actually have a whole lot that I've accomplished so far, there's not really a huge difference that's going to be made.  But I think that most of the benefit that I've gotten so far is mental.  It takes a lot of strain off of my thought process to know that there are a few less things that I'm going to have to look up.  The things that I've just finished doing that I've already forgotten how to do, I can just go back to some of my previous code and see how I did it the first time.  Even for things that I do have to look up, I'm much more familiar with the instructional site than I was the last time.  This means that I'm doing a lot less reading and a lot less looking at things that are not relevant to what I want.  Hopefully, with a bit more work to my projects I will have a very solid code base to proceed into different directions in the future.