Monday, May 11, 2015


Just as an amusing side-note, I'd like to mention how much of a difference it makes to have a small code base when working on a new project.  I know that since I don't actually have a whole lot that I've accomplished so far, there's not really a huge difference that's going to be made.  But I think that most of the benefit that I've gotten so far is mental.  It takes a lot of strain off of my thought process to know that there are a few less things that I'm going to have to look up.  The things that I've just finished doing that I've already forgotten how to do, I can just go back to some of my previous code and see how I did it the first time.  Even for things that I do have to look up, I'm much more familiar with the instructional site than I was the last time.  This means that I'm doing a lot less reading and a lot less looking at things that are not relevant to what I want.  Hopefully, with a bit more work to my projects I will have a very solid code base to proceed into different directions in the future.

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