Thursday, June 11, 2015


Company documentation is going to be extremely important at some point.  I will probably need to personally explain how everything works to most of my employees at first, but even that process is going to be much smoother if I have well-organized, descriptive documentation.  I was going over some fairly basic procedures today and thought that it would be helpful to write the process down.  This prevents me from having to do duplicate research if I forget how I did things a while from now and it's a start to a document that could be helpful for anyone else that might need to set up something similar in the future.  Considering how helpful having even some of the basics written down is, I can start to see a lot of things that might need process documentation.  It's going to be a lot easier and faster to get things done if there is a place where someone can start instead of there needing to be two people working on a problem.  People can always ask questions before or after reading a document, but this gives them a place to reference on their own.