Saturday, July 4, 2015

Product Documents Checklist

I have created another area for the internal_documents portion of my company.  My real work today was adding to what I am now calling my "product_documents_checklist" which is a guide for what I want to have for documentation for all of my products.  I have updated this guide to emphasize my need for more comprehensive documentation.  This means that at some point every product is going to get a folder called "product_summary" which includes the most detailed product information that I will have on record.  Previously, I was mostly creating installation manuals, download guides, drawing flowcharts, and going over any higher level points that I thought might need to be illustrated.  The "product_summary" area for each product will go over all of the features of a product from a very detailed perspective.  This means that where I might have drawn a picture of data moving around in a program, I'm going to explain what is happening in each of those parts, why it happens, and what someone might actually expect to see.  This means that all of my previous documentation work will still be useful, and there is a good possibility that I will find that I actually need to add a fair amount more to my existing areas.

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