Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Structured Vision

My company roadmap(s) document is going to be an enormous asset to my company.  After thinking a lot about the more detailed documentation that my company needs, it's important to create something the gives structure to the less detailed company information.  This document outlines what people that may not ever even use one of my products is going to see.  Where is my company going?  Why am I going to be profitable?  What do people have to be excited about?  Out of all the materials I have for my company, I need to condense it into one small, entertaining file.  I wrote down a lot more guidelines for this than I expected because of the possible audiences for the presentation.  This is something that I haven't currently put a lot of effort into, but need to do a lot better job.  Being too modest when I'm trying to get people to notice me is not exactly a recommended business practice.  I want people to not only like what I am doing, but to be excited about the potential that my company has.  Creating my company presentations is not going to be easy, but outlining what they need to sound like was an important first step.

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