Friday, September 25, 2015

Doc Overview

I have officially started my newest layer of documentation and I have already decided that it is not going to be sufficient.  Now that I have all of the negative stuff out of the way, I'd like to talk about how awesome things are going so far.  I  chose one of my simplest projects to use as a sort of test run for my documentation process.  This way, I would be assured that the complexity of the project would not limit the amount of useful information available in any way.  It is also a lot easier to organize my thoughts with only a few aspects to discuss.  So far I have already noticed that there are a few parts of my code that I am not as familiar with as I had thought I was.  I didn't need to actually open up my compiler to verify anything (although it wouldn't be a bad idea), but I'm going to guess that I will need to in the future.  I think that this documentation is going to give me a very good idea how things are going to go if I ever hire anyone to work with my code.  Anything that I'm having a hard time explaining, they're going to have a hard time working with either because of the complexity or the way that I decided to organize my work.  This documentation is also going to tell me how skilled I will be at explaining what I have done.  So far things have gone very well, so that seems like a good sign for my future employees.