Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Full Explanation

My second venture into my new layer of documentation sees me starting an experiment that I feel is going to prove very useful to the overall direction of my work.  My last project was not one of the largest projects that I had, and I only gave it two summaries that were about two pages long each.  I think that that is going to be among the shortest that my summary documentation is ever going to get.  That is supposed to be a full explanation of all the parts of my product in about four pages.  It doesn't sound like as much as it should be, but I covered every area of the product.  My new documentation project is going to be a bit more ambitious.  I started by creating an outline that describes the general characteristics of the four different sections that I'm going to be writing summaries about.  This means that I will hopefully end up with about eight pages of documentation for the technical specifics of my project.  I'm hoping that this will end up as one of the smaller sets of documentation for my projects and this will be pretty much the minimum amount of writing that I will expect from now on.  This isn't going to be a rule because there are exceptions, but I think that I will feel better about the direction of my company knowing what I should start to expect.