Sunday, December 20, 2015

More Templating

I added a marketing overview document to my collection of company business guides.  Keeping with my usual format, it is largely a series of bullet-points that form a sort of template for things that a marketing department can expect out of my company.  I think that this approach is easier for me to view later when I'm trying to make decisions or decide where I should be going.  My marketing overview is a big step away from guides in the strategy area about actions I should be specifically taking.  This is more of a resource overview and how the materials that I have created are going to help guide the companies progress, and possibly change if I am fortunate to see enough success.  Overall, I think that my general business area is starting to look more complete than I would have expected.  Having something is place is the best way to build on your success and this overview is both a much needed representation in the area and a sort of conclusion to the strategy area.