Saturday, January 30, 2016

All New Companion Area

As an unexpected yet interesting side-effect of my new venture into summary documentation, I have created a companion area for my promotional materials.  I now have business documents that go along with my promotional web sites.  I see these documents as sort of a mix between a technical justification for my product existing and an actual marketing guide that would convey strategy information.  Much like my summaries, I am trying to break the section up into several parts so that each area of the product will be covered.  For example, for a game I could have documents that would explain what I would want the advertising strategy to look like, what I think the pricing and customer experience might look like, and then any miscellaneous notes about things like product sales direction, possible customer programs, or any other notes I might want to mention that would help to sell the product.  Obviously, there is going to be some overlap with these documents, but I think that might be necessary to reinforce the important ideas and to help create a process for going to this area to further understand differences.