Friday, March 4, 2016


Even more exciting news for my promotional area.  I have added an area for whitepapers.  So far I don't really have enough content to brag about, but I think that the idea is important enough to mention at this early of a stage.  I was reading an article online about how white papers create important for a company so they can be taken seriously in their field.  I thought that was worth trying.  I generated a list of possible topics that I could write white papers on and have had some pretty interesting results so far for my topic board.  The list is supposed to be things that my company is currently doing that could be considered to be new or at least not overly documented so far.  This excludes all of my engineering work so far (which would be called a patent anyway), so I'm focusing mostly on business and marketing topics as they relate to my engineering work.  My first white paper was titled, "Blog Marketing" and as you might imagine it is about this blog.  I haven't put much time into reviewing it yet or gotten a peer to review it, so I have it in my drafts folder.  I'm hoping that eventually I'll be productive enough to have stages of drafts and final versions.  I know I won't need a lot of white papers to be taken seriously at first, but having a process in place is helping me to mentally prepare myself.

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