Thursday, July 7, 2016


I think that I am approaching the conclusion of my summary documents for the moment.  I still have a fair amount of work left to do and some of it covers some pretty complex topics.  The majority of what I have remaining is going to be fairly redundant technically and would be a very interesting task for a volunteer, intern, or even someone that has just started working for me.  I know this is a long ways away, so it's something that I will probably finish myself eventually.  Right now, I think that my time would best to be spent working on other tasks.  I have a good amount of my products fully documented and almost everything is at least outlined (I decided that I'd write outlines as a sort of table of contents).  So far, the documentation has given my company a lot of depth that I feel very good about.  As a pleasant side-effect, I have also generated some interesting art work and todo items.  I think that I still might need one more layer of documentation that goes even further into detail, but I haven't decided what that's going to be yet.

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