Sunday, August 7, 2016

Cutting Edge Considerations

Naming files is not just something that is relevant for code.  I first discovered that I might have a problem when I was uploading screen shots to the web.  Since I had only taken one or two screenshots for each application's respective promotional page, I had named all of the image files either "screenshot" or "display".  After uploading all of the images to the service I'm using, I noticed that having all the files named the same thing could be an issue.  This isn't an issue when you preserve the directory structure which labels the application at the root.  I think that with a program I can think of everything as one piece of work, but my documentation, flowcharts, and other files might need to be a little more portable.  If I were to display code for any reason, I might even have to make further changes, but working with my business-related documents is enough work for now.  I'm not sure what process or procedure this falls under, but having a large amount of files with the exact same name on the same computer can't be a good thing.  I'll have to decide how much work this is going to be, but I've already started the process of adding product IDs to some of my generic filenames.